The main Lenra use cases

Yet another "great" app development framework, but why should I use it ?

Your side projects

Save time

You have an app idea and want to create it but don't have much time for it ? With Lenra you don't need to install many tools to create, build and deploy your project. To create a Lenra app you'll just need git and Docker (and a text editor of course).

Use the language you already know

The Lenra's framework is based on JSON and REST APIs so you can use any language that can handle it.

In all simplicity

Once you're done, deploy it on our servers with one click and use it for free.

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Your start-up app

Create your Poc or MVP

You're creating a tech start-up and need to bootstrap an app to create a PoC or a MVP ? Lenra will make you start your project faster. Don't lose time choosing the best technologies to create your app. Just create it. Lenra has many built-in tools to make you start your development faster.

Scale your app on your users needs

Our infrastructure will scale your app automatically based on your users needs. Your app will use the resources it needs and only when they're required. This will reduce carbon footprint.

Make the GDPR management easier

The Lenra's framework will make the GDPR management easier since you just need to implement some event listeners to handle the right to be forgotten.

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