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Lenra is an open source framework to create your app using any language, and deploy it without any Ops scale, built on ethical values.

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A framework to success

Let's take a look at how our framework can help you create a simple, ethical app. Our framework is based on four parts: data, views, listeners, and users. But why ?

Getting started

How to install, create and push a Lenra project

So you've decided to create an app. That's great! But before you can start coding and designing, you need to set up the back end.

  • Download the binary

    The Lenra CLI needs Docker and Docker Compose. You can install the Docker buildx command to use the Buildkit optimization given by Dofigen.

    Once you have the setup configuration, download the binary depending on your operating system and add it to your path environment variable.

    Check out all the binary
  • Define your preferred language and create your app

    Once the Lenra client is downloaded, you can set your preferred language to start your application with! Just type the command line lenra new which will be used to retrieve a project template from github. We already have several models available, check out our github to see more. Then all you have to do is code!

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  • Open your IDE and develop your app

    Lenra is divided into several parts: views, listeners and data via databases. Create your app using the resources at your disposal, open the terminal of your IDE, you just have to type “lenra dev” to compile your application and test it in real time locally on your computer.

    Read our full documentation
  • Push your app to a Git repository and tadaaa

    Is your app stable? Are you satisfied with what you have done? All you have to do is push your application to a Git repository, create an account on the Lenra back-office, configure your directory and present everything to your customers!

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Want to see more about Lenra ?

We already released some of our tools and dependencies under an open source license and more is coming!

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Developed by developers for developers

Your development

  • Multi-language

    Develop your app with the language you are used work with.

  • CLI

    Our commande line interface will help you creating your app locally.

  • CRON

    Handle the recurrent tasks of your app with our built-in CRON task system.

  • Webhooks

    Connect external tools to your app with our Webhook system.

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Your management

  • Data management

    Handle your app view with our realtime data system based on MongoDB.

  • One click deployment

    Build and deploy the new versions of your app from a git repository with a simple click.

  • As many apps as you want

    Our back-office let you manage as many apps as you want.

  • Multiple environments

    Manage your development, test and production environments.

Getting started

Your hosting

  • Cross-platform

    Dispatch your application to all your users thank's to our cross-platform client.

  • Auto-scaling

    Your app scales at realtime to respond to your users needs.

  • Notifications

    Notify your users without anoying them through our advanced notification system.

  • Analytics

    Observe the usage habits of your users without breaking their privacy.

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Not just a framework

We build a more sustainable coding environment, which matches with today's big concerns both for the planet and for us. And the best part of it all ? Our framework is based on strong values by combining ethics, security, protection of private data and more...

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