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Lenra is an open source framework to create your app using any language, and deploy it without any Ops scale, built on ethical values.

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What's Lenra all about

Speed up your app creation

Created by developers, for developers

Whether you're an experienced developer or just starting out, the framework's documentation will get you up to speed quickly and easily.

Use any language

To create and deliver apps, you no longer need to juggle with technologies and services.

All-in-one platform

You no longer need to use dozens of different tools with all their logins and passwords. Everything takes place here, in a framework.

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Built on ethical values


Malware protection is a key point for our platform and has been respected through a process of improving your data security.

Data protection

The platform enforces GDPR compliance and also the control by the user of his personal data.

Digital sobriety

Pay only for what you use, the more you optimize your code the less you pay.

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Test your market faster


Are your users on an iPhone 6 but also on a 14? A Samsung Galaxy s7 but also a Galaxy Z Fold 4? No problem, the framework allows your application to be sustainable over time.

Deploy easily

Deploying your application is greatly simplified and can be done with a single click.

Showcase your app

You can now present your application to your customers and get a proof of concept for free.

Why should I use Lenra ?

Your side projects

You have an app idea and want to create it but don't have much time for it ? With Lenra you don't need to install gazillion tools to create, build and deploy your project.

Your start-up app

You're creating a tech start-up and need to bootstrap an app to create a PoC or a MVP ? Lenra will make you start your project faster. Don't lose time choosing the best technologies to create your app. Just create it.

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